María Fiter, born in Andorra, educated in Barcelona, and finally settled in Madrid, writes both in Catalan as well as Spanish.

After earning three “master’s degrees” as a mother of two sons and one daughter, she dedicated a great part of her career to the publishing world; being the founder of a bookstore located in Madrid, focused particularly on young readers and pioneering in French culture. She promoted the knowledge of this culture, through the means of exhibitions, literary circles, specialized courseware, as well as activities at the bookstore and schools, such as the French Lyceum and others; where she applied her own point of view of the need for a meeting point between author and reader, and that, in this encounter, the bookseller is a key element.

Her exposure to young-adult literature reached a critical point with the publication of her first book: Nichola’s Dreams (Verde Print, 2012), translated to French, English, and Catalan. The idea presented itself when thinking about the lost dreams of a little boy who couldn’t sleep easily.

Thinking about how children’s lives will be in the future, has led to her concern about the world in which they will live; and to correlate the environmental consideration with their development as individuals. Her second book —it is in the process of being published in four languages— was born from that concept: Juliet and the Quiet River, which explains the importance of water as an essential element for the life of all living species to children. This story teaches how to protect, care; and love planet Earth. The book's illustrations are the work of Romina Martí, Mercè Llimona illustration award in 2011, Catalonia. All the translations for this book have been carried out by Anselm Goicoechea.

Nowadays, she is working in another young-adult story, Aura, in which she keeps developing her concern about environmental problems, tackling the issue of oceanic problems.

Nowadays, you can find her in Madrid, Ibiza, or Australia, gathering information for this new book, about the oceans' acidification and temperature increases that afflict marine reefs and are causing coral bleaching. Great animal amateur and libber, she shares her concerns with her three Labrador dogs.